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As a hospitality expert, you know your clients are looking for the best in drapery options. They want it all: light blockage, a beautiful look and feel, and lasting quality they can count on to impress their own clients.


Pinch-pleated (including French and Parisian pleat) fabrication creates a full, even look to the drapery.


This style of treatment gives superior light control and is a good solution for guest rooms and other areas where blackout is desirable.


Pinch-pleated drapery may require more room for stack-back. Pleats can be specified as double or triple pleats, which refer to the number of times the fabric is gathered at each pleat.


Ripplefold® style drapery results in a clean, elegant appearance from both sides. Drapery panels attach via a snap-tape to the track, creating smooth, evenly spaced curves in the fabric. 


This style of drapery does not control light as well due to a light gap between the panel and the track, but this can be solved by including a top treatment with blackout fabric. A good choice for public spaces or other areas where complete blackout is not required.


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